30 Words Thursday


I was looking back at photos from our trip to B.C. in July 2008 and I was struck by how I felt then and now – much the same. I was also struck by how little I have actually done to improve my health. Although the trip was a highlight, my physical self was not. These words came to me this morning as I struggled with a headache (again) and feeling blah.

Time to Stop These Negative habits!

Do I like feeling





Then why do I do what I do?

eat junk

not exercise?

I want to feel



Then stop! 



11 thoughts on “30 Words Thursday

  1. I have certainly been there and still am today!! For all of us changing our habits is extremely difficult! Look for little wins and build on them! One step at a time is what it takes.

  2. It’s easier to add a good habit than to stop one you don’t want to continue. I’ve been gradually adding activity and food choices that make me feel better – in small steps. Over time, they’ll add up to a new lifestyle, and crowd out those less desirable habits in a more organic way.

    I love that you made a poem out of this – and I’m here, cheering you on!

    • I’ve been able to add several good things – but it is like the one step forward, 2 back for some things. Thanks for the support and the kind words. They are apprecited.

      • That’s life, sometimes….a blend of up and down….forward and back. Since I am on a similar journey, kind words to you are also kind words to myself, so we both win! =D

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