ROW80 – Midweek Check-In


Here it is, already Wednesday and time for the mid-week check-in for ROW80. At least it is Wednesday – barely.

The best way I can show you my progress (okay lack of same) for Mon-Wed,   is by the numbers:

# of words written – <500

# of posts written  – 3 ( 2 counting this one and 1 for my art blog)

# of minutes working on writing course – <50

# of writing articles read – 5

# of turkey dinners eaten – 3

# of hours watching TV – 10 +

# of hours watching TV with hubby – 6

# of tweets/retweets – 50 +

# of books read – 0 (reading 2 but not finished yet)

All in all, watched more TV and on the computer for more time than I wrote or worked on writing. I did teach an art class at my old school (loved it), socialized more, had more time with my husband and ate lots. Now I would say I’ve had my R & R and ready to get back to work and back to routines!

Wishing everyone well for the week ahead!

7 thoughts on “ROW80 – Midweek Check-In

  1. It’s important to spend time with family, and eating is one of my favourite past times! I haven’t watched enough television of late…I think I might schedule some in! You achieved a lot this week, and now you’ve had the chance to rest up a little on the writing front, I’m sure the inner writer is chomping at the bit 🙂

  2. I don’t want to know just how much TV I watch in a given week. I think if I figured it out I would feel too unproductive. Though, a lot of it is with my husband and a bit with my kids. I think the things you did were worth missing a little productivity, especially if it made you feel rested, relaxed, and ready to go get them this week. Best of luck with the goals!

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