ROW 80 Midweek Check-in


Time for the mid-week check-in for Row80 – a place for accountability and community for our writing.

This is a quick check-in – as I really have not achieved much other than planning my MG novel to write during NaNoWrMo and some reading for my writing course.

. My youngest son has been here all week and we have been working on projects around the house. So at least I have got some major projects on the go and will see them finished by tomorrow. Yeah!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead.


5 thoughts on “ROW 80 Midweek Check-in

  1. Planning a novel and completing projects around the house sounds like a lot to me – so I’d say you accomplished great things (even if they weren’t particularly on your list). I’m glad you checked in, and hope to catch up with you soon. Have a great week 🙂

  2. Planning your NaNoWriMo novel is great progress! I usually fly by the seats of my pants until I mix up characters and/or timelines and HAVE to sit down and plan properly. Good luck for the rest of ROW80 and NaNo! I’ll attempt NaNo myself (my second year). 🙂

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