Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is time to share a “Slice of Life”, a writing challenge from”Two Writing Teachers”.

My day changes from a full list of items to check off and a day to myself, to a husband home sick and my list thrown out.

I read a bit, watched a movie with him (finally saw the movie version of “Les Miserables” – loved it! We had just seen the stage version a few weeks ago and loved that version as well), changed sheets, washed dishes, made coffee numerous times for hubby and watched over him.

I did get to watch my one show “The Voice”. I didn’t start my bigger projects as he calls often. At least he is feeling better tonight.

Tomorrow, I am off for the day to take my car in for the starter recall. Another day gone – but at least I will be visiting some friends and teaching an art class at my old school. Just my list will have to wait another day.Oh well, best laid plans …

I missed my hubby when he was gone last week so now we had 4 days together as this was Canadian Thanksgiving.

Three nights of turkey! Yum!

Sunday Check-in ROW 80


A week into our fourth round and I had both ups and downs.

The down was a first rejection for my NF pb which I sent out to three agents the end of July. She liked it, said it was well written but not for her.

The ups – I finally finished a pb script that I started a while ago, one based on my mother’s and aunt’s early lives. It is too long though – maybe I can turn it into a chapter book.

I have started the Kidlit novel writing course with Kami Kinnard and am enjoying it so far. First webinar was tonight.

I was able to write each day and wrote another blog post.

I was also able to read a number of excellent articles on writing and another chapter for the “Bird by Bird” book study.

In the week ahead, I plan to edit/revise another of my pb scripts, as well as to continue to write each day, read and work on my course. I also want to start plotting for what I plan to work on for NaNoWriMo.

Wishing everyone well as we move forward.

Also, I want to leave you with some words of wisdom from Toni Morrison. (I have rejoined ABC Wednesday and my theme for this round is to create collages of quotes from writers. Check here to see more of my art blog)

toni m 001

30 Words Thursday


Every Wednesday, the Stamping Grouond hosts “WOYWW” – a place to share what your worktable looks like and what you are working on. I shared my worktable here, and it inspired this poem:


Paints, gelli plate

papers, stencils

Time for play.

Roll on the paint

Take a print

Roll more paint

Use a stencil

More prints

Papers scattered

Making art

Having creative fun.

ROW80 – First Check-In


This is our first check-in of round 4 and although it has been only two days since we set out goals, I have been able to accomplish a few things.

1. I completed my final edit/revision of my novella for the “Easter Lilies” competition which I submitted to Sept. 30. Now, it is just a waiting game! I printed off the whole novella using advice to print 2 pages on 1 and really found this great advice.

2. I went through all my novels, novellas, MG novels and paper back scripts and created a master list in a binder, with one page for each. I listed the status of each, as to number of pages/words or chapters.I wanted to have this ready for NaNoWrMo. I am hoping to write a short pitch for each of these as well over the next month, so that I have a clearer picture of where I plan to go with each.

3. I wrote 2 other posts – “It’s Monday. What are You Reading?” and “Slice of Life Tuesday”.

4. I visited my group of people I sponsor on Monday.

Ihave signed on for Jeff Groins “500 Words a Day” and I was actually able to do this this week. I wish it had been more. Mo goal is to aim for at least a thousand or more in the weeks ahead.


Slice of Life Tuesday


Home alone. Sounds strange and it is.

My husband is away at a conference for 5 days and 4 nights. Last night was the first night alone and I stayed up late – very late , so that I was tired when I went to bed.

I have the radio on , the door locked and a long list of things to do to keep myself busy.

Last night I sorted CDs and videos – piles are still everywhere. I have so many other projects to do but I could do this while watching “The Voice” (one of my favourite shows – love the mix of judges this year!).

With Thanksgiving this weekend (in Canada), I wanted to declutter in the living room. Have started anyway.

I also wanted to spend more time writing. At least I organized the stories I am working on, read a few great chapters for SYTYCW (Harlequin’s contest, for which I submitted a chapter) and now writing this.

But, after all the years I was on my own and then as a single parent, being alone now, especially at night, is so un-enjoyable! I’ll be glad to have my husband home on Friday. Maybe the living room clean-up will be done!

It’s Monday! What are You reading?

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Time to share some picture books, both fiction and non-fiction I have been reading the past week. Jen at “Teach mentor Texts” hosts this fun meme.

Balloons Over Broadway – written and illustrated by Melissa Sweet


I enjoyed this boigraphy of Tommy Sarg – the creator of the balloons for the Macy parade. Both writing and illustrating, Melissa Sweet created a wonderful story.

The House That Baba Built by Ed Young

Ed Young has created an interesting look at his early life  in his childhood home in Shanghai, especially during WWll. Stunning illustrations as well.


M is for Mischief by Linda Ashman and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

This book is writing in poems and is an A to Z look at naughty children. 3 out of 5 for me.


Fiesta Fiasco by Ann Whitford Paul and illustrated by Ethan Long

I enjoyed this fun book at how a group seek to buy gifts for a friend – but it is not as you would think. loved the use of Spanish throughout.


Row 80 – Round 4 Begins!


Writing goals for Row80 October 6th marks the first day of the fourth round of ROW80 – a writing challenge that assumes you have a life and helps you be accountable for the goals you set.

This challenge has forced me to really look at the goals I hope to accomplish over the next 80 days. During this last round I accomplished some of my goals but have a ways to go to write daily and consistently.

Here are the goals I plan to work on for the next round:

  1. Write daily, for at least an hour a day.
  2. Be sure to check in Sundays and Wednesdays for ROW80 check-ins.
  3. Fulfill my duties as a ROW80 sponsor by visiting and supporting the blogs I am responsible for each week.
  4. Work on the Kidlit Novel Writing course I am taking in October.
  5. Take part in NaNoWriMo and PiBoIdMo in November.
  6. Read at least 3 books on writing.
  7. Read at least 4 articles on writing a week.
  8. Take part in at least two writing challenges a week (eg. Slice of Life Tuesday, 30 Words Thursday)
  9. Continue to support my two critique groups and submit a pb manuscript each month.
  10. Revise and edit my picture book manuscripts. Submit at least one this round.

Here’s to a successful round for everyone!


30 Words Thursday (on Friday!)


On a grey, rainy day, this flower brightens the day. I also think of my daughter when I see this flower, one of my favourites. And yesterday, was about my daughter and the subject of my poem. We had a lovely day in Toronto and I was hoinoured to attend her while she tried on and chose her wedding dress. I couldn’t show her dress – but this was close.

Wedding Gown

Dress after dress

Sheath, mermaid

Lace, beads

Satin, silk, tulle

Cap sleeves, strapless

White, ivory, blush

All beautiful

(As is my my daughter)

Only one though

Can the bride-to-be choose.