30 Words Thursday


In honour of Thanksgiving, here are a few words about giving thanks and gratitude. AsI wrote the poem and looked up quotes, I was also inspired to create some quote art.


Giving thanks

Should be a way of life

Not just at Thanksgiving

But daily.

Cultivating an attitude of gratitude

Improves health.


Count your blessings

Keep a journal.

Say thanks.

gratitude 1 001

gratitude 2 001

gratitude 3 001

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mid-Week Check-In


Wednesday comes too quickly after Sunday’s check-n. But I have written each day and slowly catching  up with NaNoWriMo.

I have submitted a couple of picture book scripts to Rate Your Story and one for a paid critique (after it had been through critiques and revisions.)

I heard back from another story from Rate Your Story today and it rally floored me,. I got a 6 which I totally was not expecting. I didn’t agree with all the points but one I can easily remedy. Last week if I had received it, it would have hurt a lot more. This week, I have moved forward and back on track. Every review is going to be different.

I continue to read articles, check out blogs and read picture books and middle grade and young adult novels.

I plan to revise another picture book this week and work to finish my NaNoWriMo word count.

Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating.

All the best in the week to come.

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Jen hosts this great meme at “Teach mentor Texts” Join in the fun – you’ll end up with so many wonderful books to read.

This past week I read more “adult” books but I did get to read Gail Forman’s second book and a couple of picture books as well.

Where She Went by Gail Forman

8492825 (1)

I enjoyed this sequel to “If I Stay” but it surprised me as ot is written from Adam’s point of view, three years past the first book. An excellent read as well.

I walked into a local variety story and walked away with several books, including these two picture books (each for 99c!) and a Christmas book.

And I enjoyed them both.

Would I Trade My Parents? by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by James Bernardin


A great story to look at the strengths of families and what each offers, and how we really can’t compare.

Annie Bizzanni by France Halle, illustrated by Fil et Julie


A fun book – illustrations were incredible. Loved how even though she didn’t finish things, everyone liked her “just the way she is”.

Christmas Love by Candy Chand


This was a story published in Chicken Soup for the Christmas Soul an n they author decided to publish it as a small Christmas story. It really was a sweet book.

Sunday Check-on ROW80


Time for the Sunday check-in at ROW80. I have found many supportive writers who have encouraged me in my writing here. Thank you!

The past few days have actually seen me write over a thousand words each day and finishing a chapter a day. I feel like I have gotten my muse back – where ever it had disappeared. Write what you love; write what you want to read – these have  become my mantras and have helped me just write. Not to worry about the end but about the process. I am enjoying my characters once again and they are showing me the way!

I have also been reading novels and writing articles and those have helped as well.

I have visited blogs and commented and that has been enjoyable as well.

I am a bit behind in NaNoWriMo, but I plan to catch up this week.

I have also come up with a picture book idea a day and have enjoyed the daily posts at Tara lLzar’s blog.Very inspiring.

All the best to everyone in the week ahead

shakespeare 001

Mid-Week Check-In for ROW 80


On Sunday I was lamenting my lack of writing. Then on Monday, I gave myself a bit of a shake (okay a big one!) and finally finished a chapter of a WIP that I had been struggling with. Felt good.

Then on Tuesday, I reworked a chapter that I had gotten a critique of,  from Kami Kinard through her novel writing course (loved the course and the advice really was good).  Changing the starting point for my MG novel actually made it stronger. Thanks Kami!

Yesterday, I also read the Pep talk from Brandon Sanderson for NaNoWriMo. His words resonated with me so much, especially this:

Don’t give up. Keep your eyes on the project you’re working on right now, and make it the best that it can be. More importantly, love that process.”

I have passed the half way point for the 50,00 words and am feeling more enthusiastic about my writing.

All the best to everyone this week!

It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

Time for sharing of books read over the past week, a fun meme from Jen at “Teach Mentor Texts”

This week I read 2 YA books and enjoyed both.

If I Stay by Gayle Forman


I won this book as part of a package during a silent auction on Saturday and read it yesterday. It was quite moving and an extraordinary concept. Loved it. Now I will have to see the movie to see how they adapted her book.

The Bone Dance by Martha Brooks


I found this in a second hand shop and when i got it home, found the author had signed it. A little added bonus,.I have been trying to read as many books about or by native people. The story looked at two young people who have ties to a property and its ghosts. I did enjoy it.

Sunday Check-In ROW80


     Today is the Sunday check-in at ROW80. Taking part in this challenge has , for the most part helped me stay focused on my goals. But, since the mid-week check-in on Wednesday, I have not written more than a couple of hundred words a day.

I have read more, from MG to YA to adult novels and also read numerous articles. But I had no inspiration to write. Nada. I reread a number of my novellas but seemed stalled.

I seem to have hit one of those “why am I even trying to write, there’s too many good writers, no one will read my work and I am just fooling myself” kind of moods. Time to give myself a shake and get back to writing for writing ‘s sake.

I hope that this “rest” from writing will help so that when I start back at routines tomorrow I am able to write and catch up on my NANoWriMo goal.

Here’s everyone a great writing week ahead!

Here’s another writer’s quote.

rivers 001

Mid-week ROW80 Check-In


Mid-week check-in seems to come so quick after Sunday.  It seems like I have not accomplished anything. But when I look at what I have written, I know that I have.

I have had another idea for a story and after thinking about it for the past week and jotting down idea I finally sat down today and wrote 1500 words of the first chapter. It is an historical novel – a western really.  I have had the idea of it for a long time – one scene kept playing around in my mind. I finally decided to see where it will lead.

Shah had written about letting her characters lead her and I think that this is what will happen with these two new characters, Grace and Theo.  They just won’t let me go.

I also wrote three more chapters in the past few days – two for one novel and one for another. The novel I had originally planned to write this month has been stalled, but these others keep wanting to be moved forward. So I let them.

I have also written several posts and continue to check out blogs and read interesting articles.

Wishing everyone well in the week ahead.

here’s a new quote:

riordan 001

Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – a wonderful writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”

Today is Remembrance Day. In Canada it has become so much more relevant this year due to the tragic murders of two Canadian soldiers less than a month ago.

I went to the service this morning at our local cenotaph and was very moved by the ceremony and the large number of people attending.

I also taped the service from Ottawa, our capitol, at the national war memorial. As I watched it this afternoon, I was struck by the numbers, the poignancy, the speeches, especially by our Governor General  and by the young people.

Lest we forget –

poppy 001

we cannot forget all of the sacrifices made by our service people past and present. So few WWII vets are left. We must honour them more than once a year.

My father joined the navy at 17.

dad im iniform 001

He served on ships out of Halifax and came home. So many did not. But he refused to talk about the war. He had photos of warships, but never shared what he had experienced.

Now our service men and women are once again in harms’s way. War seems to be erupting all over the world. Peace is needed more than ever.

We cannot forget. We must remember.

It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

Mon Reading Button PB to YA

It’s time to share what you’re reading, the weekly meme at Jen’s blog “teach mentor Texts”.

I read several books – a couple of picture books by Kathi Appelt and an interesting one by Deborah Ellis. I also read a book by Richard Wagamese which I was very moved by.

Incredible Me by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by G. Brian Karas


A simple, cute book that encourages children to see what is special about themselves and to look beyond the obvious.

Moggie: The Heart of the House by Kathi Appelt illustrated Marc Rosenthal


This was a very moving book, especially as it is based on a true tale of a dog at Ronald McDonald House. It really demonstrates the poser that animals, specifically dogs, can have on children’s morale and well-being.

The Cat at the Wall by Deborah Ellis


The narrator is a cat, in modern-day Bethlehem and she gives her observations of the political situation there. Deborah Ellis is weel versed with the politics of the Middle East and this is a most unusual, stirring book. Loved it.

For Joshua: An Ojibway father Teaches His Son  by Richard Wagamese


This memoir is written as a letter to his then six year old, whom he had lost custody of due to his drinking. Wagamese shares the teachings he has learned over a lifetime and how one must go through a journey for self-knowledge,. Very moving.