Mid-Week Check-in for ROW80


Mid- week check-in – just a day late! Yesterday was a crazy day – from volunteering first thing, rushing home to await our new stove, to putting my back out and being in pain, but mostly to writing – a lot!

At 7 am I sat down to write and wrote steadily for an hour. A whole new chapter just flowed. Then I rushed to my volunteering at a school close by and then rushing home to await the Brick. But in moving the old stove and some furniture, I somehow twisted my back and have had some pain since.

But I went back to writing and wrote more. I had seen a new e-publisher which a novella I have might fit, so I worked most of the afternoon reading it, editing and trying to add another 1000 words. Not quite there but I’m liking the revisions.

I also read – a very intriguing “For Joshua: An Ojibway Father Teaches His Son” by Richard Wagamese. I have read several of his books and am always pulled into his writing, his wisdom. It is the same with this book.

I have been doing more writing the past few days than I have in a while. I put that down to the “NaNoWriMo” effect. I am excited about writing again and the ideas are flowing. Yeah!

I have also brainstormed new picture book ideas each day for PiBoIdMo. One idea I had recently has resulted in starting a new MG novel. That is exciting as well.

I have written several posts as well. And, have read a number of excellent articles on writing.

Here’s wishing everyone well as they write this week.


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