It’s Monday! What are You Reading?

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It’s time to share what you’re reading, the weekly meme at Jen’s blog “teach mentor Texts”.

I read several books – a couple of picture books by Kathi Appelt and an interesting one by Deborah Ellis. I also read a book by Richard Wagamese which I was very moved by.

Incredible Me by Kathi Appelt and illustrated by G. Brian Karas


A simple, cute book that encourages children to see what is special about themselves and to look beyond the obvious.

Moggie: The Heart of the House by Kathi Appelt illustrated Marc Rosenthal


This was a very moving book, especially as it is based on a true tale of a dog at Ronald McDonald House. It really demonstrates the poser that animals, specifically dogs, can have on children’s morale and well-being.

The Cat at the Wall by Deborah Ellis


The narrator is a cat, in modern-day Bethlehem and she gives her observations of the political situation there. Deborah Ellis is weel versed with the politics of the Middle East and this is a most unusual, stirring book. Loved it.

For Joshua: An Ojibway father Teaches His Son  by Richard Wagamese


This memoir is written as a letter to his then six year old, whom he had lost custody of due to his drinking. Wagamese shares the teachings he has learned over a lifetime and how one must go through a journey for self-knowledge,. Very moving.

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