Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – a wonderful writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”

Today is Remembrance Day. In Canada it has become so much more relevant this year due to the tragic murders of two Canadian soldiers less than a month ago.

I went to the service this morning at our local cenotaph and was very moved by the ceremony and the large number of people attending.

I also taped the service from Ottawa, our capitol, at the national war memorial. As I watched it this afternoon, I was struck by the numbers, the poignancy, the speeches, especially by our Governor General  and by the young people.

Lest we forget –

poppy 001

we cannot forget all of the sacrifices made by our service people past and present. So few WWII vets are left. We must honour them more than once a year.

My father joined the navy at 17.

dad im iniform 001

He served on ships out of Halifax and came home. So many did not. But he refused to talk about the war. He had photos of warships, but never shared what he had experienced.

Now our service men and women are once again in harms’s way. War seems to be erupting all over the world. Peace is needed more than ever.

We cannot forget. We must remember.


6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. It’s a lovely post, Beverley. My father died in WWII, was a pilot and shot down in the Philippines. My step-father served all over the world in the Army Corps of Engineers. Until late in life, he never talked about his experiences either. We knew he was in the Battle of the Bulge, but until much later, none of the horrors he endured. I won’t forget, and my children know most of the stories too. Thank you.

    • Remembrance Day really is about paying tribute to those we love. Thanks for stopping by Linda. Your Mom must have had so much to deal with. We forget the impact of ar on those who stayed home and especially those who lost loved ones.

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