Mid-week ROW80 Check-In


Mid-week check-in seems to come so quick after Sunday.  It seems like I have not accomplished anything. But when I look at what I have written, I know that I have.

I have had another idea for a story and after thinking about it for the past week and jotting down idea I finally sat down today and wrote 1500 words of the first chapter. It is an historical novel – a western really.  I have had the idea of it for a long time – one scene kept playing around in my mind. I finally decided to see where it will lead.

Shah had written about letting her characters lead her and I think that this is what will happen with these two new characters, Grace and Theo.  They just won’t let me go.

I also wrote three more chapters in the past few days – two for one novel and one for another. The novel I had originally planned to write this month has been stalled, but these others keep wanting to be moved forward. So I let them.

I have also written several posts and continue to check out blogs and read interesting articles.

Wishing everyone well in the week ahead.

here’s a new quote:

riordan 001

6 thoughts on “Mid-week ROW80 Check-In

  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress on your goals. I have been bouncing around between WIPs lately, but as long as I’m making progress on something, I count that as a win.

    Love the quote! So true.

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