Sunday Check-In ROW80


     Today is the Sunday check-in at ROW80. Taking part in this challenge has , for the most part helped me stay focused on my goals. But, since the mid-week check-in on Wednesday, I have not written more than a couple of hundred words a day.

I have read more, from MG to YA to adult novels and also read numerous articles. But I had no inspiration to write. Nada. I reread a number of my novellas but seemed stalled.

I seem to have hit one of those “why am I even trying to write, there’s too many good writers, no one will read my work and I am just fooling myself” kind of moods. Time to give myself a shake and get back to writing for writing ‘s sake.

I hope that this “rest” from writing will help so that when I start back at routines tomorrow I am able to write and catch up on my NANoWriMo goal.

Here’s everyone a great writing week ahead!

Here’s another writer’s quote.

rivers 001


4 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In ROW80

  1. We all have those weeks (or in my case, those months), where we just can’t seem to get any words on the page (or on the computer screen as it would be). I hope you get your muse back. We all have something to say to the world and the world needs to read it. It’s easy to listen to the voice in our head telling us not to even bother, but we have to let the sound of our fingers flying across the keyboard drown out that voice. Have a better week!

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