Mid-Week Check-In for ROW 80


On Sunday I was lamenting my lack of writing. Then on Monday, I gave myself a bit of a shake (okay a big one!) and finally finished a chapter of a WIP that I had been struggling with. Felt good.

Then on Tuesday, I reworked a chapter that I had gotten a critique of,  from Kami Kinard through her novel writing course (loved the course and the advice really was good).  Changing the starting point for my MG novel actually made it stronger. Thanks Kami!

Yesterday, I also read the Pep talk from Brandon Sanderson for NaNoWriMo. His words resonated with me so much, especially this:

Don’t give up. Keep your eyes on the project you’re working on right now, and make it the best that it can be. More importantly, love that process.”

I have passed the half way point for the 50,00 words and am feeling more enthusiastic about my writing.

All the best to everyone this week!

11 thoughts on “Mid-Week Check-In for ROW 80

  1. I haven’t read the pep talks yet – too busy writing! But I am a huge fan of the Wheel of Time series which Brandon Sanderson took on after creator Robert Jordan’s death, and that is a tremendous thing to do (the series is beyond epic in scope).

    My writing definitely ebbs and surges. The ebbs can be uncomfortable, but I’ve learned to ride them out, because many words and ideas await me on the other end…

    May you have many words, and even more joy!

    • Thanks Kristen. I actually meant a literal self shaking! kick in the pants might have worked as well lol
      . Reading positive quotes and articles is helping as well though.

      • Ha, I read it as a literal shaking. Sort of a Homer Simpson, hands-around-your-own-neck kind of thing. That’s specifically the self-shaking I need. 🙂

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