Sunday Check-on ROW80


Time for the Sunday check-in at ROW80. I have found many supportive writers who have encouraged me in my writing here. Thank you!

The past few days have actually seen me write over a thousand words each day and finishing a chapter a day. I feel like I have gotten my muse back – where ever it had disappeared. Write what you love; write what you want to read – these have  become my mantras and have helped me just write. Not to worry about the end but about the process. I am enjoying my characters once again and they are showing me the way!

I have also been reading novels and writing articles and those have helped as well.

I have visited blogs and commented and that has been enjoyable as well.

I am a bit behind in NaNoWriMo, but I plan to catch up this week.

I have also come up with a picture book idea a day and have enjoyed the daily posts at Tara lLzar’s blog.Very inspiring.

All the best to everyone in the week ahead

shakespeare 001

4 thoughts on “Sunday Check-on ROW80

    • Your best advice for me? “Not to worry about the end but to enjoy the process!” I appreciated this so much as I’m working out the resolution of my current story — and am learning not to worry. I discovered today there’s even a process to plot twists that lead to that resolution that comes right out of my characters’ hopes and dreams. Kudos to you for writing today’s motivational post, for being an active part of ROW80, and for simply writing.

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