Mid-week Check-in ROW80


I almost forgot it was Wednesday -it comes too quickly after Sunday’s check-in.  So, I am a bit late for this check-in.

I have continued writing more  for my newest WIP. I got two critiques on my first 3 chapters and they have both been helpful. My new critique partner is a godsend.. She even gave me a link to writing competitions and I aim to enter some next year. She found the critiques very helpful

I have visited other Row bloggers and read a number of writing articles.But, I have not written any other posts. I have taken a two week break from my art blog.

I have started two free workshops – one on getting my blog ready for 2015 and the other on choosing my “one word” for 2015. Still haven’t a clue yet. This year it was “embrace”

One week to go!

All the best in the week to come.happy holidays! (I still have a lot to do to get ready)

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