Slice of Life Tuesday and One Little Word


After a few weeks of taking a break from blogging for the holidays, I am returning, to take part in”Slice of Life Tuesday” – the writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

One more day and we begin a new year, so it is time to reflect on the year that was and look ahead to the new year.

I gave up making resolutions several years ago. Instead, I choose one word  to focus on and one that will carry me through the year. At times, the word comes easily. Other times, it takes more reflection. Each time though, the word chosen has helped me:

Believe – believing in myself and my abilities

JOY – when it seemed to be lacking and helped remind me to see the joy in every day

EMBRACE – last year’s word – to embrace all that I could. I tried to embrace new things and this led me to take a solo trip to Georgia for a writers’ retreat. A fabulous experience.

This year, after some reflecting and reading, the word BLOOM kept nudging me. It seems right. It is time to bloom, to flourish, to produce.

bloom 001

(The canvas I created today to inspire me this year)

The image of the flower blooming is appropriate. From the roots, which draw nourishment from the soil, up through the stem to the flower.

My roots are drawing from the community of writers and are nourishing me. From reading and  courses, to writing and revising, I have been feeding my writer’s soul. I want to blossom this year and grow.

Here are a few places that have provided me with means to reflect and find my words.

“Do What You Love: New Year’s Revolution

Jane LaFazio

Christine Cane

A course with Ali Edwards “One Little Word”

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

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