2015 Writers’ Blog Hop Week 2

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It is Week 2 of the Writers’ Blog Hop, hosted by Ruth Snyder.

This week we are asked to share a piece of our current WIP. (I also take part in WIPpet, which is a weekly challenge to share an ongoing WIP.)

I am currently working on a contemporary romance (which I have been sharing at WIPpet) and a middle grade novel. I have several other projects on the go, but I have put them on the back burner while I concentrate on these two.

Here is a snippet of “Jack’s Summer”, my middle grade novel.

Jack has been dropped off at an older couple’s farm for the summer, as his new step-mother needs a break from him. Here is his response to being left:

“Sheila, you and I will stay in the car. Daddy and Jack will be just a few minutes.” The wife spoke again to his sister. Lying to her really. He would be gone for longer than a few minutes.

He didn’t want to upset his sister so he got out of the car. His dad had already got his suitcase and backpack from the trunk and placed them on the ground.

“Hi Ted. This must be your boy. He’s tall for 13.”  The man held out his hand for his dad to shake.

“Yeah, he takes after me I guess. It’s great that you’re willing to take Jack for the summer, while we’re away. I know he will be a big help to you. Here’s something to help with his food and boarding.” His dad handed the man an envelope, which he put in his coverall pocket.

“Thanks Ted. Much appreciated. I’m sure Jack will be fine.”

Now both of them looked at him. He wouldn’t be fine. He didn’t want to stay here, but his dad never listened to him anymore. It was all her.

“Well son, we’d better go and leave you to settle in. I’ll call you in a day or two. Take care of yourself.” His dad patted him on the shoulder, then turned and went back to the car. The engine started and then it was pulling away. He could hear Sheila call his name again and again.

Jack watched as the car pulled away, dust being kicked up as it picked up speed. .No, he would not cry. Sheila could cry but he would not. He could still hear her screams from the car.

He bent down and picked up a stone. He tossed it in the air and caught it. He wanted to hurl it at the car as it drove down the long driveway. He hated her. Hated her for taking his dad and sister away. Hated her for leaving him here. Hated her for the beatings. But he dropped the stone before he actually threw it. What good would it do anyway? He was stuck here for the summer.

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