Slice of Life Tuesday


Slice of Life Tuesday is a writing challenge to share  a slice of your life with a very supportive community at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Today was yet another visit to the doctor along with a breathing test for my husband. Several times a month, there are more test and more visits with different doctors. Yet little is done to relieve his pain.  As I was waiting, this response came and I wrote away.

Waiting – for tests to be done

Waiting – for the results

Waiting – for the consultation

Waiting with my husband.

Waiting for my husband.

Doctor after doctor

Test after test

CT scan, sleep studies, ECG, ultrasound

Heart, kidneys, lungs, liver

Results are read

Consensus – yes there are problems

But nothing is done

Hernia too large – can’t operate

Heart irregularities – wait for pacemaker

Kidney enlarge – leave it

More tests

Meanwhile, pain persists

Missed work days

No complaining, just enduring

Praying for him

  Loving him

  Waiting – for healing

Waiting  – for intervention

Waiting  – retirement.( 2 years away)

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

    • Thanks Dana. Sometimes it is just so frustrating. My husband has bad reactions to surgery so the doctors are hesitant to operate. It’s almost a wait and see how bad can it get.

  1. Oh Beverley, I’m sorry that you and your husband are going through such a time, and hope that some relief comes very soon. Doctors are supposed to help, and it seems they are trying, but still… the waiting, as you so lovingly wrote, is not easy. Best wishes!

    • Thanks Linda. As I wrote to Dana, it seems like little is done as My husband has had bad reactions to surgery. But it is hard to see him go through the pain and the waiting.

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