Mid-week Check-In ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday


Once again, Wednesday rolls around much too quickly. I was ill Monday so little was accomplished on that day, but I did make progress..

Time for the mid-week check-in.

My goals are listed, with my progress (or lack thereof) in bold.

  1. Write daily – at least 500-1000 words a day **** YES – some writing each day
  2. Take courses. Working on 2 courses – one from RWA
  3. Read at least 3 books on the craft of writing as well as articles online. Read articles
  4. Finish the first draft of “Catching Love” –finished part of another
  5. Finish the first draft of my MG novel No
  6. Write at least one picture book a month Working through “Pix Book Magic” course to flesh out new story idea
  7. Enter competitions and twitter pitch parties –not this week
  8. Take part in Write1Sub1 and 12 X 12 –Yes
  9. Fulfill duties of mentor at ROW80, visiting my team 2x a week  –YES
  10. Write at least 2 blog posts a week (other than ROW80) –Yes

WIPpet Wednesday


This is a chance to share excerpts from your current WIP, based on the date.

Today is 2/11/2015

Therefore – Chapter. 5 (20 – 15= 5) with 13 lines (11 + 2) from “Catching Love”

            * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

     At his parents’, Flynn got out and went around to help Emma out. Her hands were chilled and she still looked worried. He shut the car door, then held her hands in his, as much to warm them as to assure her. “Emma, my parents will like you. Just be yourself. We can do this.”

He leaned down then and kissed her lips. He had wanted it to be a quick, reassuring kiss, but as with the other kisses, he was drawn to her. Her mouth opened and his tongue sought hers. He let go of her hands, encircled her with his arms and drew her closer to him. Her arms went around his neck.

“Flynn? Flynn!”

His mother’s voice. He had lost track of where they were. He had been so caught up in the sensations spiralling through him. He looked down at Emma, a blush once again staining her cheeks and her lips slightly swollen, because of him. That kiss was even more explosive than the ones before.

He whispered to her. “Sorry Emma. I couldn’t help myself. I can’t seem to kiss you small.”

Emma smiled then. He was glad to see she wasn’t upset with him.

“Well, at least they’ll know I can’t keep my hands off you. Mom probably saw the kiss. I didn’t plan that Emma. really.

19 thoughts on “Mid-week Check-In ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Aw. There must be something pretty terrific about Emma if Flynn likes her so much. Seems like at least for him, there was more to it than just enjoying kissing her.

  2. I love this “I can’t seem to kiss you small.” Ahhhhh, Flynn. 🙂 I don’t get the sense Emma was too worried about that, though. I do believe they won’t have any problem being convincing.

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