Mid-Week Check-In ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday


Here are my goals for this round plus in bold my progress (or lack thereof!) in bold. Row80 forces me to be more accountable, but in a supportive way.

  1. Write daily – at least 500-1000 words a day **** I haven’t been writing much the past week – more catching ideas and some research
  2. Take courses. Still working on Male POV thru RWA
  3. Read at least 3 books on the craft of writing as well as articles online. Read “Show and Tell in a Nutshell” by Jessica Bell. Read articles
  4. Finish the first draft of “Catching Love” –no writing on this
  5. Finish the first draft of my MG novel No altho worked on more plotting
  6. Write at least one picture book a month Worked on revision of a story and submitted it for a critique that I won
  7. Enter competitions and twitter pitch parties – Not this week
  8. Take part in Write1Sub1 and 12 X 12 –worked on pb revisions, on planning for a new story
  9. Fulfill duties of mentor at ROW80, visiting my team 2x a week –YES
  10. Write at least 2 blog posts a week (other than ROW80) –No – missed Sunday’s check-in

This past week has been all over the place – with little actual writing done, although I read more, did some plotting on several stories, worked on my course, took part in “Mini WOW” (creating ideas for non-fiction pb), captured some new ideas for stories and spent more time with my hubby. The cold kept us in more but we had a couple of extra days together which was nice.

My goal this week is to work on my WIP romance and finally get it finished!

WIPpet Wednesday


This is a chance to share excerpts from your current WIP, based on the date.

Today is 2/18/2015

Therefore – Chapter. 5 (20 – 15= 5) with 16 lines (18 – 2) from “Catching Love”

Emma and Flynn are visiting Flynn’s parents when Emma learns a new truth about Flynn.

The tabloids pasted a photo of us kissing and Emma almost lost her job over that photo. We knew the timing was right.”

“I don’t read those papers. If it was anything like the one I just saw, it must have been something.” Flynn’s mother chuckled.

     Emma felt her cheeks getting warm.

     Flynn’s dad then spoke. “What do you do Emma?”

     “I’m a teacher. I teach fourth grade, here in the city. This is my second year.”

     “We’re going to see her principal tomorrow to get this all resolved.”

     “I’m sure you will get it things straightened out.” said his mom.

     “Did you ever see Flynn play?” asked his dad.

     “Play what?”

     “Baseball of course. He won MVP two years in a row. He was a great catcher.”

     Emma turned to look at Flynn. How could he have avoided telling her this most important information about his past? Now she looked like an idiot.

     “We’ve only known each other a month. I guess we just had other things to talk about.” What a stupid answer. She was burying herself more and more.

     Flynn took her hand. “I wanted to shelter Emma from all that for awhile. But she ended up getting caught up into it anyway.”


16 thoughts on “Mid-Week Check-In ROW80 and WIPpet Wednesday

  1. The cold has kept my husband and I inside as well. We’ve been taking advantage of the chilly, snowy days to watch Buffy and drink hot cocoa.

    I’m curious what info from his past Flynn is trying to protect Emma from. Why doesn’t he want her to know about his athletic career? I hope you’ll share more next week!

  2. Even if you’ve not got much writing done, it sounds like your week’s been nicely productive in other ways.

    Oh Flynn, it’s not good to start a relationship, even one thrown together, with half-truths… I wonder why he’s kept it from her though? Poor Emma, he’s really thrown her in at the deep end now!

  3. Yeah cold has also kept me and the Hubs in (although some day he’s in at the TV station getting caught up on work). Been watching Buffy (as well, Denise) and movies (recently its Coraline and Corpse Bride)So ready to be over winter.

    Getting curious about this Flynn 🙂

  4. Back to the cold from sunny springing Oregon. Very little writing, but lots of pictures on their way.

    Sounds like you had a productive week, and I definitely want to know more about Flynn and Emma.

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