Slice of Life Tuesday


Sharing a slice of life is a special writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

This weekend we celebrated Valentine’s Day on Saturday and then on Monday, Family Day – a provincial holiday here in Ontario. With the extreme cold lately, it was a good day just to relax, read and spend time together.

My husband had booked a half day off on Friday to give him a long weekend, and then just days before he was booked for a sleep study on Friday night. Being alone never bothered me when I was younger, but since I’ve remarried, I really don’t enjoy it. I hear every sound. It was well past two before I even tried to go to bed.

Saturday was a lovely day though. We spent the day together, had a romantic meal at home and then watched “Valentine’s Day.”

On Sunday we took my husband’s son and his family out for his birthday supper to Swiss Chalet – one of my favourite restaurants. We ended the evening watching SNL40. I can still remember many of the skits from the first few years. We laughed so much! Jimmy Fallon and Justn Timberlake should host more shows! At times though it was hard to see the passing of time in some of our favourite comics. Sad even. Time sure does pass for us all.

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