March SOL – #3


Today is Day 3 of the March Slice of Life, the fun writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

My daughter left this morning for a week ‘s vacation in Costa Rica. After several agonizing months, she needed a holiday in warmth and sunshine with friends.

It got me thinking of the difference between our two places – especially with the snow falling already today  and 5 – 7 cm. more expected, possibly with freezing rain later.

Costa Rica                                           Canada

Hot – 36C                                           cold – -9C

Sand                                                    snow

Warm waters                                       cold ice

Swimsuit                                             snowsuit

Surfboard                                            snowboard

Sunburn                                               frostbite

Swimming                                           skating

Rain                                                     sleet

Pina colada                                          hot chocolate

Vacation                                              home

Wishing her a wonderful week away!

This?                                                                                    or  this?



12 thoughts on “March SOL – #3

  1. As I sit looking out at more snow I sometimes think going someplace warm would be nice. But, I like the snow…so winter is not too hard for me. While looking at your list the word that sticks out is HOME. So if asked the question…a vacation is great and needed at times…but home is where the heart is. Loved your lists.

  2. After realizing that my car is covered with ice after work, I am now ready to travel anywhere warm!! Yesterday’s pristine snow was great, but ice is a different story. Hope your daughter has a marvelous time!

  3. I’ve never been partial to complaining about the snow, but I am so over this current winter. The thought of pulling on a bathing suit and a loose dress to head to the beach for reading and a drink is very appealing. Thanks for sharing!

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