March SOL – #6


Today is Day 6 of the March Slice of Life – the writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”. A fun challenge and such a supportive community.

As I got ready for bed after midnight I realized it was the full moon. For a number of years I  created a full moon dreamboard each month but in the past few months I have not consistently done that.

There is a belief that focusing on target questions at the full moon will harness a power to have those dreams be realized. The past few months I have not felt that I was moving forward, that I was not achieving the goals I had set for my self in December.

Tonight I decided I needed to harness some of that power, grab onto those dreams and move forward.I took out my journal, folder of words, sayings and pictures and started creating. I focused on two questions:

What is stirring in your heart?

What dreams are emerging?

I used letter stickers this time as I wanted big letters for write and create – two dreams that have been simmering for some time. This month I have two writing contests I want to enter and I need all the support I can get.

It felt good to create and just intuitively add background papers, words and images. The final result was not quite what I had imagined but stronger I think. Bloom is also my “one little word” for the year and it made it onto the dreamboard.


I found this quote and put it at the top. It really applies.


No more doubting – just keep working and writing and creating. Dreams can come true.


6 thoughts on “March SOL – #6

  1. Beverly,
    I just adore your dream board and want to make one too!! You are manifesting great positivity and I admire you for lining up your brain and your heart! Thank you for sharing this!

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