Today is Day 8 of the March Slice of Life, the fun writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”. Such a warm, supportive community!

Reading the slices is always inspiring. Today’s slice was inspired by Cyndi at C. Crouch who wrote a loving tribute to her sister Mia on Saturday, describing her in many ways.

It got me thinking of the roles we play and just how we see ourselves.

Cyndi inspired me to write an “I am..” poem for myself:


A wife

(remarried at a 50 to a loving man, 13 years in July)

A mother

(of 3 of my own and 3 of my husband’s)

A grandmother

(of 5 – although can’t wait for my 3 to have their own children)

A teacher

(always – even though I have retired)

A life-long learner

(always – so much to learn and experience)

A lover of flowers and  music

(which bring joy every day)

A writer

(of pb, romances, memoir and NF)

An artist

(collage, mixed media, watercolour)

A photographer

(recording landscapes, flowers and skies especially)

A reader

(of all kinds of genres)

A water lover

(of river, lake, ocean, rain)

A peace lover, concerned citizen, hater of prejudice, hate and war


(in all my varied roles and parts)


19 thoughts on “

  1. It’s nice to take stock of what we are every now and then, remembering our blessings and what we offer to those around us. Helps to filter out the “noise” of worldly definitions and lets us operate from the inside out, instead of always reacting to outside influence. Thanks for sharing these sides of you!

  2. Love reading this, Beverley. Nice to see you using another’s slice as a mentor. It’s also nice to read about you from your perspective-hope those grandchildren come along soon!

  3. Aww….Bevererly, I consider that a very special compliment. I am glad you tried an “I am” poem too. It is interesting to be reflective and see all that we encompass. ….what kind of a photographer….what kind of a writer….what kind of an artist… Those little details reveal so much. Thank you for sharing about you! (My sister decided she would print off the “My Mia” poem and keep it on her wall)

  4. I love your I Am poem and have been inspired by your slices. I did these poems with my students (2nd and 3rd graders) and they had so much fun with them. Thanks for the reminder. I will definitely do it again with them this year.

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