March Slice of Life – #14


Today is Day 14 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

Reading our local newspaper this morning, it was refreshing to see that an article on mathematics was on the front page. Today is Pi Day and the University of Waterloo students were celebrating. They were serving pies and had a contest to see who could recite the most numbers of Pi (the winner was able to recite ee8 numbers)

Today though is not just Pi Day. It is a special one. Today’s date is actually the first five numbers of Pi – 3.1415. This event won’t happen again in our lifetime – not for another 1000 years!

Here’s an article that gives 9 facts of Pi that I discovered today – one even refers to Spock.

I have always loved math, even helped my older brother with math problems when he was in school. My dad had such a mathematical ability that  he wrote 5 exams in one day and 2 were perfect.

I loved teaching Math as well. Units on probability, symmetry and fractions were my favourites. My goals for Math were to encourage students to not fear it, to enjoy problem-solving to get them to see they could be good at it, to actually say “I can do this.” I loved it when I could get a student to press the red “That was Easy” button I kept for successes.

Whenever I could bring literacy into Math was a bonus. Like showing a clip of “Jumangi” to begin the unit on probability and then hand out dice to see who could get Allan out of the jungle first. Or, to read  a great book to start a unit. Art, as well, was a wonderful tie-in for math as well.

Happy Pi Day everyone!

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