March Slice of Life – Day 16


Today is Day 16 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge at “Two Writing Teachers”

Yesterday I was inspired while reading  the slice at “Fluke Prints” to create my own ABC List for the rest of March. It was fun to do and actually went fairly quickly.

A  Attending Wizard of Oz play on the 26th

B  Birthday supper celebration on the 22nd

C  Creative art challenges

D  Dad’s birthday on the 18th – he would have been 92

E  Enjoying new music CDs by Sam Smith and PentaTonix

F  Finish reading final book in “Fever” series asap!

G  Goodbye winter and good riddance!

H Hello Spring – finally!

I  Inspiration from art show downtown

J J is for jewels at ABC Wednesday and creating a jewelled piece of art for it

K Kitchen decluttering and cleaning this week

L Lunch with my lovely daughter today, whom I love very much

M March Slice of Life deadlines each day – half way to the end

N News watching and reading three newspapers each day

O One more doctor’s visit to get to the bottom of this stomache/back pain

P Picture book reading and research

Q Quit eating bread (again)

R Row 80 Round 1 comes to an end next week and most goasl met

S SCWBI contest deadline March 31

T Thirty (30) Words Thursday challenge

U Undertake spring cleaning and more decluttering

V Volunteer fundraising for Kidney Foundation to finish

W Watch “The Voice” Mondays and Tuesdays

X X-tra time for revising this week

Y Yoga class to try

Z Zzzzz  a solid eight hours every night a must!


15 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 16

  1. My students love write the ABC style for a theme. Why haven’t I tried it here? Great job. I love watching the voice too! Good for you for getting 8 hours of sleep each night! That is a cure for many ills.

  2. What a great idea for a slice. I suspect we’ll see a few more ABC lists pop up and it will be fun to see how creatively people complete them. Thanks for sharing!

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