March Slice of Life – Day 20


Today is Day 20 of the March Daily Slice of Life – the daily sriting challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Today is the first day of spring. Yeah – it’s finally here. Now if only the warmer weather would stay.


I woke up early this morning (5) and had the desire to do a clean sweep (there used to be  a show by that name that I enjoyed) – of my house, my attitude, my health. To sweep the cobwebs from my home and my from my motivation to get healthy.

I have been stuck for some time – in pain, in unhealthy habits, in procrastination, lack of motivation to be better, do better, be more.

I want to shake up my routines, eat better and consciously, embrace healthy living, declutter.

I created my spring visionboard this morning, visioning for the three months ahead.

spring2015 001

This will be a time:

For change, growth.

To improve my health.

To spring clean.

To write, revise and submit.

To create.

To BE, To DO and finally to really BLOOM.

What are your visions for the spring months??


14 thoughts on “March Slice of Life – Day 20

  1. So creative! I used to make vision boards from magazine pics, but yours is so much more vibrant and personal. Having a hard time here getting motivated today–gray and raining since before noon.

  2. Your vision board looks pretty enough to be framed! Thank you for sharing this. It motivates me to look at the first day of spring as a “spring”board for change. I always focus on New Year’s resolutions, and by March 20th, I’m ready for a fresh start.

  3. I love the vision board. The visual is more inspiring than just a plain list! Hmmm. . . I will be adding to my icky old plain lists for a bit – just to prioritize for now! THANKS!

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