WIPpet Wednesday


WIPpet Wednesday

For those who aren’t familiar, WIPpet Wednesday gives writers the chance to share excerpts from their works in progress (WIPs) on their blogs. The snippet must relate to the date in some way.

Today is April, 2, 2015 (4-2-2015)   (I am late coming to post so the date really is Apr. 2!)

Today’s math is : 20 – (4 x 2) – Chap. 12 with 15 lines

Emma has gone to visit Flynn’s parents and they share one of his games and teach her the rules about baseball.

Through the next couple of players, Michael told her to keep an eye on Flynn as he tried to steal a base. Emma watched as he moved away from the base and when the ball was hit, how he ran.

     “Now, there are two out and Flynn is on third base. Watch what happens when Steve comes to bat.” Michael counted  balls and strikes. Then there was a hit and Steve and Flynn were running. “Watch Flynn.”

     Emma was caught up in the excitement of the game as she watched Flynn slide into home.  “He made it!” Emma cheered.

     “Pretty exciting isn’t it?” Estelle asked.

     “I didn’t know it could be like that. But I guess when you know someone playing the game, it makes it more so.”

     “True baseball fans know all the players and watching a game is like watching people you know. Flynn had a real following. When he retired, many people wanted him to suck it up and live through the pain. But Flynn wouldn’t play at less than his best. It was probably the hardest decision he ever made.”

     “No wonder Flynn wouldn’t talk about it. I got upset with him for not telling me.”

     “I’m sure he understood. Couples shouldn’t keep secrets from each other though. Flynn’s baseball career was such a huge part of his life. There were negatives of course, but he loved the game. He was being compared to the likes of Roy Campanella, Gary Carter and Yadier Molina.And he could have become one of the best.”

9 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday

  1. Ah, poor Flynn. That’s a lot to give up. I’m sure it’s hard for him to talk about. I still get the feeling there’s something deeper…

  2. It must be hard for both them. Flynn for not being to talk about giving up his dreams and Emma for finding out why he kept the secret from her from someone else. I feel for them.

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