Round 2 Writing Goals for ROW80


Today we begin the second round of ROW 80 – the writing community that offers support and accountability. I met many of my goals in round 1 but am continuing with several.

Visiting other rowers has been inspirational in a number of ways. Both Fallon and Shan break down their goals by category and this seems so helpful to achieving one’s goals, so I am trying that this round.


  1. Write daily – at least 500 words daily.
  2. Take part in CampNaNoWriMo.
  3. Write first draft of MG novel “Jack’s Summer”

4.. Write first draft of  chapter book “Hazel”

  1. Write at least one picture book a month
  2. Take 2 online writing courses and enter at least one writing contest.
  3. Outline two other novels


  1. Revise/edit “ Catching Love”
  2. Revise/edit “Love Has No Age”


  1. Support my ROW team 2x a week
  2. Take part in A to Z challenge.
  3. Write at least 2 other posts weekly besides ROW80 posts.


  1. Create daily
  2. Complete 2 online art courses.
  3. Follow healthy habits:

~walk 3x a week

~eat gluten/dairy free

~drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day

Saturday was the Full Pink Moon and I am returning to creating a full moon dreamboard. For several years I created one every month, but last year year I fell away from the practice. It felt good to create one. Here is my board and a link here to my post on it. As you can see writing is a big focus for the next month (and beyone).

pink dreamboardP4060547

And, I’ll leave you with a quote from Amelia Earhart – one I need to follow! (created for A to Z Challenge for today)

earhart 001

Eisenhower’s advice fits as well as we head into round 2:

eisenhower 001

All the best everyone as we move into Round 2!


9 thoughts on “Round 2 Writing Goals for ROW80

  1. Welcome back, Bev, and it’s great to see your goals! I’m curious: do you do project plans for your books? I notice that you want to write at least 500 words/day (which would be 38,500 words this round). How long do you anticipate the MG books, chapter book and picture books will be? Is your Camp NaNo project your MG grade book or something entirely different? Does outlining count toward your target 500 words/day? I look forward to hearing about your progress as the round progresses!

    • What great questions to think about. I do some planning – minimal scene description and then start writing. Only writing counts – outlining I don’t include.I am actually working on 2 MGs for Camp NaNoWrMo – but have changed my total to 30 000 for the month. I’ll see how that works out in the end.

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