Slice of Life Tuesday


Back to the Tuesday sharing of a “Slice of Life”. After a month of sharing a daily slice at “Two Writing Teachers” it seems strange to be back to once a week. But it is good to be back with this community of slicers.

As I opened the newspaper this morning, the first headline I read was “Note to Baby Boomers: Millennials don’t want Your Stuff.”

And, I know it’s true. My own children have already said they don’t want any of our stuff. Not the furniture, the books, the knickknacks and especially not all the photo albums.

They are not sentimental about any of it. They don’t hang onto things. I still have a large tub of my children’s school and artwork for goodness sake. I am sentimental that’s for sure. And now I have some of my mother’s things as well.

I am still trying to get rid of my teaching books and materials after almost two years of retirement. I still have some unit things (Christmas and Hallowe’en for eg.) and several hundred books (I’m looking to sell some on Ebay or Amazon – sometime)I just got rid of two bags of school papers from my file cabinet last week. It is so hard to let go – teaching was my life for 36 years.

I just bought “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, billed a sthe Japanese art of decluttering and organizing. I’d read reviews about it and thought it might help with my own decluttering.

One line she uses to decide whether to keep something is: “Does this spark joy?”. As I look at the stuff around the house, I want to feel that joy  – not the weight of it all. Item by item, I want to find what does bring joy, and get rid of the rest. Maybe someone will appreciate what I discard.I won’t ask my kids though!


17 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I’ve been going through this same thing. I keep saying to myself, SURELY they will want SOME of it someday…
    and asking myself, don’t they know how SPECIAL it is???

    • Oh I know. It was the same when my mom passed away – altho then I was thinking – why was this special for her? I still have several boxes of her things I can’t bear to get rid of.

  2. I just can’t throw the books…yikes, the pictures…can’t do that either. We are cleaning my parents house out to get ready to sell. My mom is absolutely mournful of her things and it is so hard. This was a terrific post. xo nanc

  3. I”m going through the same thing, I wrote about it today as well. I think I will look up the book you mentioned. I love the idea of an item sparking joy. Thanks for sharing/

  4. I can’t throw MUCH away. Everything seems to hold value or purpose for the future. Let us know how the book is and if it makes a difference. I am crushed under the weight of my possessions. Good luck. You may motivate a bunch of us!

  5. Does it spark joy? That is the best question! I will use that when (if) I decide to purge my “stuff.” I know my son does want some of the stuff we have but he has no space for any of it. I don’t know what will become of our “treasures.”

    • That’s the thing – they are our treasures. But as I get older, I realize that I really don’t want to have my children have to deal with what we had to deal with with my mom.

  6. I blogged about this very topic myself during the month-long SOL challenge, and like you I got replies from lots of people dealing with the same challenge…lightening their load. My family and I have just embarked on the journey, but I can see now that this will take 2-3 years at the rate we are going. Everyone, including me, is busy so the debulking takes longer than you would like it to. Good luck! Maybe we need a month-long getting rid of stuff challenge!

  7. Its sad isn’t it, to think the things we love they won’t want! My baby, well she’s 16 months old now Grand daughter loves our old Grandfather clock, without fail we can get a giggle out of her when we show her the clock, her first sounds were the ticking noise that clock makes, and one day no one will want that clock that was my husband’s Grand father’s clock. I am going to struggle with that. As for my stuff, well none of it is precious or worth keeping but I hate to think what will they do to my art when Im gone and now I have all my mother -in-laws art, will they just throw it away? Sad!

  8. I wonder as times goes on if your kids will want (find joy) in the stuff you’ve saved. We’ve been trying to downsize and get rid of stuff, but it’s hard. I’m hoping that my scrapbooks and albums will be cherished by children and grandchildren.

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