Slice of Life Tuesday


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”. It’s a wonderful community of writers and teachers – join in the weekly fun!

Loading the all-season tires into our car this morning, I knew I was in for at least an hour wait to have the winter tires taken off – a sure sign of spring!. Little did I know then that it would be almost three hours and a potential bill of $1800 before I was done.

With my husband recovering and not driving, I went to get the tires done and then do a few errands that were in the same mall. I visited the St. Vincent De Paul Thrift store and browsed for a while before being a few books. I feel that I am donating to a worthwhile cause and getting books in exchange – a win-win.

Then I stopped at the local dollar store and got a few things. I then received a call from the auto place. They found a number of things wrong – from the timing belt to the struts and hoses. An oil change, tire change and check-up went from $100 to $1800!

Is it because I am a woman? Do I look gullible? I was not too pleased with how they used scare tactics. I okayed the timing belt – I had this go on me several years ago while driving on the 401 and I truthfully don’t know how I avoided getting hit.

An hour later, after a tea and lunch at McDonald’s (Yes, I actually went there and ate – haven’t been in years!), I arrived to get my car. The bill – $300. We will be looking for another auto repair – this one is a big chain store but this was a bit extreme. We had a wonderful repairman who had his own shop but he moved back to Newfoundland a couple of years ago. We trusted him and felt safe in our cars.

12 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Car trouble always causes so much stress; and it never fails that our auto repair shop finds something else that needs to be done! I certainly can relate. I hope the rest of your season-changing chores are free of charge.

  2. Oh, my! We got the car tuned up for spring before driving to Florida for spring break. Although I agreed to it all, and my car is a 2006, it was $1400 total. Arg! Hopefully all of this maintenance will last a really long time! Good luck and have a great spring!

    • That’s why I wanted it checked – to be ready for our next trip. We hope we’ve now found someone we can trust to tell us just what needs to be done and maybe for less.

  3. It does make you wonder if your husband brought it in would all of the issues been brought up to him. Grrr! That kind of pressure makes me mad. You just don’t know who to trust when it comes to your vehicle. Good luck!

  4. My favorite is that rattle or noise that I hear so I take the car to the shop and they don’t hear anything. This time I recorded the noise on the phone. After the last repairs (silly deer and I that too closely saw eye to eye) there were a couple of screws loose and a piece of metal “flapping” – $0 cost. Shocking!!! 🙂

  5. I have a great independent repair group that does take care of me and my car-so grateful. I hope you can find one, Beverley. Maybe the car does need it, but it’s hard not to wonder. Best wishes. I hope your husband is better.

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