Sunday Check-In ROW 80


Time for Sunday check-in at Row 80 – the writing challenge that recognizes we all have lives but still want and need to write.

My goals are listed here for this round and in bold is the progress from the past week.


  1. Write daily – at least 500 words daily. Yes
  2. Write first draft of MG novel “Jack’s Summer” –worked on more research and plotting
  3. Write first draft of  chapter book “Hazel” –No
  4. Write at least one picture book a month Yes – wrote 2 in the past 2 days!
  5. Take 2 online writing courses and enter at least one writing contest. – will start a new course tomorrow through RWA
  6. Outline two other novels –Not yet – instead had ideas for 2 other novels



  1. Revise/edit “ Catching Love” –No; received an excellent critique I won for this novel and will use it to revise further
  2. Revise/edit “Love Has No Age” –No



  1. Support my ROW team 2x a week – yes
  2. Take part in A to Z challenge – Yes
  3. Write at least 2 other posts weekly besides ROW80 posts.- Yes

 Reading (I am adding this section this week as reading has been my saviour over the past few weeks!)

  1. Read several picture books for study purpose each week – Yes
  2. Read 3 books on writing as well as articles –read several articles
  3. Read something for pleasure – read 1 novel this past week and have started 2 others



  1. Create daily – yes
  2. Complete 2 online art courses. – hope to do more in May
  3. Follow healthy habits:

~walk 3x a week – No

~eat gluten/dairy free – yes to dairy

~drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day – up to 4-5 glasses

Had to include this quote I created for the A to Z Challenge – yes we can achieve – we just have to dream and believe!

zig 001


6 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In ROW 80

  1. I just wanted to share something that’s helped me with drinking water. I own two water bottles, but I tend to drink more/faster out of one rather than the other. There’s something about the speed the water comes out and the way I drink from it (it is a traditional sports bottle with spout) that leads me to drink more than I do from a glass or my other bottle (screw top, sip out of). So, maybe finding the right water container for you could help.

    Great work on the goals! Keep up that writing!

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