Sunday Check-In Row 80


Time for Sunday check-in at Row 80 – the writing challenge that recognizes we all have lives but still want and need to write.

The past few days have been a bit challenging as I have been fighting headaches and then Saturday I started experiencing weird things in my right eye. Turns out they are floaters, and after a visit to emerg, a cat scan and a visit this morning with an eye specialist, I’ve learned they are benign and limited to the vitreous. Thankfully. The worry is that the symptoms also relate to retinal detatchment, so I have to keep an eye on changes. There’s nothing I can do now, so at times I find it distracting and the headaches are still there. With time my brain should be able to ignore them.

Needless to say I have not accomplished much the past few days, not even reading, as my eyes were sore. As well I went out with my daughter on Friday and Saturday was a busy day in the yard.So – no writing, revising, but some art and some brainstorming.

I will work hard this week to get on track. I apologize to those people I should have visited this week, but will make it up this week.

I’ll leave you with a few words of advice from C. S. Lewis

cslewis 001

6 thoughts on “Sunday Check-In Row 80

  1. Bev, I’ve had retinal tears and they are scary. I will assure you that the floaters do disappear (or rather you won’t see them) soon. I’m not surprised you couldn’t do anything toward your goals, but there’s always tomorrow. I had a rough week, and didn’t get much done, so I can totally sympathize.

    Here’s to clear vision soon, and new dreams!

  2. Those are some good words.

    I’ve been fighting the seasonal allergies and they have been kicking my butt lately, so I feel your pain (just in a different way).

    Tomorrow is another day, Bev. There will be more words to write, books to read, and other such things. Hang in there, ‘twil be better on the morrow!

  3. I’ve never had to deal with the eye issues you mentioned, but they sound a little disturbing–and, at the very least, distracting. Not sure how I would be able to focus on reading or typing with something like that in my vision. I hope it’s nothing serious and that they go away soon.

    Best of luck with your writing!

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