Slice of Life Tuesday


It is Tuesday so time to share a slice of life – for “Slice of Life Tuesday” at Two Writing Teachers” – that wonderful weekly writing challenge.

I ended up in emerg Saturday night. In the afternoon I started to see these weird things in my right eye. The closest I could describe them was the dark, wispy cloak of the dementors in Harry Potter. They come and go. I called our  health line and when I told her the symptoms (headache, lightheadedness) she said to go to emerg. I was lucky – only a few people were there and I was out in just under 4 hours. They doctor checked my eyes and then I had a cat scan. He did not feel it was anything to worry about but he booked an appointment with an eye specialist for 9 am Sunday morning.

These weird wispy things are called floaters, in the vitreous – what you see is actually their shadow. But it is a strange sensation. They were benign – the retina wasn’t detached, which is what they worried about. I have to watch for changes, for the other eye to become engaged or blurriness. Within a month my brain should be able to block them so I don’t notice them. Right now it is like a bug near my eye and I still go to swat it away!

10 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. My aunt had floaters, but I don’t know what she did about it. You could get an eye appointment on a Sunday? That is unheard of here. What an annoyance, but interesting that your brain will adapt so you no longer see them.

  2. I get auras before a migraine. I’m prone to blinking and rubbing my eye to get the ‘thing’ out of it…it’s usually my left eye, because that’s where my migraines tend to focus…

    I’ve learned to take preventive steps when I first see the spots in my vision – sometimes, I can forestall the migraine, or minimize it…

    I hope your floaters stop bugging you soon! =)

  3. Thanks Shan. I had migraines regularly (thankfully they stopped at menopause), but had no auras. I still use vicks on my forehead when I have a headache (not migraines tho). Have you tried that?

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