Summer Break Over

I’ve taken a much needed summer break from blogging. I needed time to relax, to spend time with my hubby, to just slow down. I’m glad that I did, but I did miss creating and writing. I’m ready now to return to routines and blogging.

I have a love affair with journals – both for art and writing. I recently bought 2 new lovely journals – which I did not need but have been coveting for a while.



And then I came across Carol Munro’s Photo/Writing Challenge and prompts for this month and I knew theese new journals would be perfect for this challenge.

Finally, I had the urge to get writing. I need the push – to get back to the daily routine of writing. I have had a long drought. Yes, thee have been ideas written down, some revisions being done but none of the urgency to write a new story. I want that back.

So I will take part in the photo “August Break” set out by Susannah Conway and the writing challenge prompt by Carol and see where it leads me. To inspired writing I hope.

I’ll start with today’s prompt -“Real Life” and cycle back to the beginning to finish some time in September. Should be fun.

Prompt 21: Real Life


This photo is of my place at our dining room table. I have a desk and an art table, but this is where I write, read the newspaper and generally pile papers and books to work on.I usually have several projects and books on the go, so I like to have materials ready when I need them.

I’m not proud of the clutter, but this is real life – where I study, read, write and when all this is pushed over, eat! When special dinners happen, usually once a month, it is all cleared away, to wait on our bed until guest are gone. I resolve every time that I will clear it away once and for all but it usually works its way back. It does work for me though.

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