Photo/Writing Challenge – Aug. 27 & 28


My recipe box 

Aug. 27  theme: Favourite recipe

Many of the recipes in my recipe box are ones my mother gave me. I still cook and bake many of her favourites. She was an awesome baker – especially of pies. Two of the recipes I pulled out are my favourites of hers as well:

Butterscotch oat Squares – which she would bake most lunch hours When I walked home from school. After I ate my lunch, there would be still-warm squares. I gobbled them up. Still do!

Matrimonial Squares (or date squares): Love these still. My mom’s were always so moist and delicious.

Another recipe I make a lot of is banana bread. It is so moist and I can add nuts, chocolate chips or cranberries. This I got from my sister-in-law and altered slightly. It is my go to for company. I usually always have a loaf in the freezer.


Aug. 28: Theme: In my bag

I thought of sharing my purse, but too much stuff in it! But this bag goes with me always when I go on the bus or travel by car. It always has a book I am reading currently, a notebook for writing down ideas or scenes of a story and usually a bottle of water. I like to always be prepared in case I have to wait some where.

There’s still time to check out the challenges:

photo challenge from Susannah Conway


the writing challenge from Carol Munro.


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