Slice of Life Tuesday


Slice of Life Tuesday” is the weekly writing challenge hosted  “Two Writing Teachers” – where a wonderful writing community shares and supports each other.

During university (many years ago), a friend at the time accused me of never finishing anything. Since then, I have received two degrees, written several novels and picture books (still to be published), had children, taught for over 30 years – just a few of the things “finished” over.

Yet, the phrase has continued to surface over the years.

When I read an article this weekend by Jennie at “Little Girl Designs”, I recognized myself and why that phrase still aunts me.

She stressed that we need to “Consume less, create more”. She discussed how she became overloaded with course after course , taking in more information than she could realistically process fully.

This “information overload”I one I face. I am always seeking new blogs, new articles, new books, new courses. If I see something I like, I have to learn more. I buy a book, print off an article or sign up for a course. Then something else appeals to me, and the same cycle happens again.

I have tried wood carving, beading, basketry, wood burning, among other things.

Jennie sawys we need to “make room for creativity”. so that we are not consumers of information, but creators.

Yes, I do finish things, but I can see that when I pursue knowledge, I am constantly on a wheel to learn more and more.

Enough already. Time to use what I’ve learned – whether in writing or art – and just “DO IT.”

6 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. Oh my gosh this is so powerful for me. I, too, am a consumer of information. I recently made the decision to focus on one kind of writing. Writing about books. I am scared to pigeonhole myself but reading this I realize that maybe we do need to stop and get really good and really creative at what we already know. I am so glad you wrote this slice! Thank you.

  2. Thanks Kim. Reading that post was an eye-opener. As I am trying to downsize my massive book collection, I realized that I was collecting too much – and I need to narrow that focus to one thing at a time. Trouble is, there is so much I want to learn and do. One step at a time I guess.

  3. I have a tendency to start a lot of projects. I’ve finished a lot of story drafts but many of them aren’t yet at the ready-to-be-published stage. I’m working on being more focused and getting some stories out into the world.

    I think we need to balance consumption with creation. We need to fuel our creativity, and reading, going to art exhibits, etc. can be good for us. But most of us watch way more TV and surf the web way more than we need to. (I know I do.) I like the idea of gardening more, baking/cooking more, writing more, even taking on a new hobby that allows me to create. Great post!

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