Slice of Life Tuesday


Today we gather at “Two Writing Teachers” to share “A Slice of Life” with this wonderful writing community.

Today is the last day of summer and it was a lovely day.

Yet my thoughts turned to autumn and the resolutions I hope to follow over the next three months.

For the past several years, I have created a vision board, to focus on goals for the coming season. I find it necessary and powerful.

I find that thinking about these goals, and seeing the vision board, helps to refocus me when I need to get back on track.

I also found an excellent article at “The art of Simple” about journaling and writing out autumn resolutions. Katie Clemons poses four questions to help with creating these resolutions. The first really is one to think about:

What could add to my life this season to bring more pleasure?”

Tomorrow I will answer these questions, focus on my goals and then create my vision board. Check here, on my art blog to see what I created.

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