ROW 80 Sunday Check-In


Each Sunday and Wednesday the ROW 80 community posts their progress from the preceding week. This, really helps us focus on our writing and what goals we want to achieve. The ROW80 community is such a supportive one.

Wednesday’s ROW80 check-in was to close to have made much progress so I chose to wait til Sunday’s check-in. I still don’t feel as though I have made much progress but have worked on several projects.

My goals are listed here for this round and in bold is the progress from the past week.


  1. Write daily – at least 500 words daily. As I am working on my blog wvery day I am writing some but not 500 every day.
  2. Take part in NaNoWriMo in November and write 50,000 words. Have started planning for this.
  3. Take part in PiBoIdMo in November and come up with at least 30 pix book ideas.

4.. Write first draft of  chapter book or middle grade novel. No

  1. Write at least one picture book a month  No
  2. Take online writing course and enter at least one writing contest.Will be starting a new course tomorrow.
  3. Revise at least one novel. Still working on one novel.
  4. Take part in online study group of “Writing Irresistible Kidlit”. Yes


  1. Take part in #31 Days of Writing on my art blog in October.Yes – have blogged every day.
  2. Write at least 2 other posts weekly besides ROW80 posts. Yes- but on my art blog.


  1. Read several picture books for study purpose each week Yes
  2. Read 3 books on writing as well as articles  Have read several articles.
  3. Read something for pleasure Yes – every day! This has been a joy indeed.


  1. Create daily -Yes
  2. Take part in AEDM in November.
  3. Follow healthy habits:     ~walk 3x a week once   ~eat gluten/dairy free yes to dairy-free

~drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day – drinking more water for sure

Here’s a closing quote by Ray Bradbury on writing I have placed by my computer:

Day 16 -Bradbury 001

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