Slice of Life Tuesday -A new Optimism in Canada


Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

Yesterday Canada elected a new Prime Minister and a new optimism can already be felt. The eleven weeks of this campaign was one of the worst in Canada’s history.  Politics of meanness, division, and even ugliness ruled in Harper’s government. This election became for many of us a referendum on Stephen Harper.

I have spent weeks on Twitter and Facebook expressing my concern about another four years of Harper and so many others joined the fight.

I hoped for a Liberal minority – not hoping for much more. As the results began pouring in last night, it was amazing to see a tsunami of red spread across Canada. Justin Trudeau, with his vision and optimism, his positive campaign, inspired so many to vote for him.

His acceptance speech last night was visionary and full of positivity for the future of our country.

Trudeau made history as well– for being the first son to follow his father as Prime Minister; for moving from 35 seats and in third place in the previous government to 185 seats this time. Amazing.

I had despaired about our country under Harper and it felt like a huge weight had been lifted with Trudeau’s win. I am filled now with optimism that we can return to the open, accepting, positive place on the world stage. Thank you Canadians  for stepping up and repudiating Harper’s mean-spiritedness and denial of democracy.

Day 20 Canada Trudeau 001

8 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday -A new Optimism in Canada

  1. We could certainly use more of that positivity in this country. The number of people who seem willing to vote for a man who is a proven, long-time bully, simply because he is worth a great deal of money, is rather shocking. However, I choose to put my energy into supporting a more balanced, kinder, and more thoughtful approach. I haven’t made a decision yet, but it certainly will not be for a candidate who insults people or groups of people for political gain or out of personal bigotry.

    May Mr. Trudeau exceed your wildest dreams for a Prime Minister! =)

  2. I certainly hope so. But his optimism is certainly pointing to strong leadership. The racism that was being ignited in Canada was disgusting,. We need a lot of healing after 10 years of Harper.

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