Row80 First Mid-week Check-in



This is our first Wednesday check-in for this first round of ROW80 in 2016, so I haven’t too much to report.

I have been writing every day and while I haven’t worked on stories, I have been writing blog posts, in my journal and getting ideas down. An okay start. (#1)

An idea for a new holiday novel (#4) appeared last night and I had to get up at 2 am to jot down the first scene and some ideas for plotting. Yeah!

My copy of “Save the Cat” arrived today and I signed up to review one chapter for the book study group “Word by Word” on facebook. (#8)

I am reading a novel for a critique partner and got a couple more chapters critiqued. (#10)

I am creating every day and enjoying a new Project 366 – making tags from scrap papers.  (Art #1) As well I have completed my first journal page for the new challenge. (#2)


So,  no walking on the treadmill and snacking on stuff I shouldn’t the past 2 days but today was a better start. With my birthday tomorrow I really need to get on the “Be healthier” bandwagon.

Some progress so far. Be sure to check here to see how other ROWers have been working on their goals.

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