Sunday ROW80 Check-In


A little bit late to the check-in – but getting the task done at least!


Round 1 of ROW80 has just begun so I have not made much progress on my goals so far.


I have written daily – altho most has been journaling, blog posts or small pieces. (#1, 9)

I am working with one of my critique partners and will soon work with my pix book group.(#10)

This week my goal is to get into a more consistent routine, with writing daily. I have several projects I need to organize and focus on.


With reading, I have read a book a day at the least (#3) (I have a page for books read and the challenges I am taking part in above.)


I have created art most days and taken part in several challenges.

Follow Healthy habits

I have been gluten and milk free since my birthday last week with no cheating. I have even lost 2 pounds.(#3)  I hope to add exercise this week.(#1)

Here’s a bit of inspiration I created last week for an art challenge (52 cards). This is my over-riding goal for the year.



write goal 001


One thought on “Sunday ROW80 Check-In

  1. Welcome back, Bev! Looks to me like you’re making progress. I always find that the first week or two of a new round is a little – well, scattered. Hopefully, things will gel soon!

    By the way, I love that card! =D

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