Mid-Week Check-In for ROW80


This is our second Wednesday check-in for this first round of ROW80 in 2016 and I have been working more on organizing my stories, files and projects. I’m also beginning to feel more attuned to my writing – that I want to write, that I have something to say.

I have been writing every day (#1)  and have actually written a couple of scenes for my newest holiday novel. (#4) I love it when I can daydream and a scene appears., I have also been writing blog posts, in my journal and getting ideas down.

I read the first chapter in “Save the Cat” this morning. Great advice – before diving into writing, write a logline for your novel. (#8)

I am reading a novel for a critique partner and got 6 more chapters critiqued. (#10) She sent a few more chapters of my novel and I hope to use this, as well as the critique I received from an auction I won to do a deep revision of this novel.(#7)

I am creating every day and enjoying a new Project 366 – making tags from scrap papers. (Art #1). I have also created my second journal spread for Colour me Positive as well as my third card for 52 Cards. (#2).

I also started a new round of ABC Wednesday, with a new art challenge for myself – to carve a stamp for the letter and then create a tag using it. Check here for my “ A”  entry. (#3)

Some progress so far. Be sure to check here to see how other ROWers have been working on their goals.

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