ROW 80 Sunday Check-In



Time for our ROW 80 Sunday Check-in. Accountability with a supportive community makes ROW80 a way to move forward with my writing. Each day gets a little easier.

I continue to write every day. I have blog posts and journal writing that helps get me motivated to write. I have been rereading several stories and trying to brainstorm possible scenes. (#1)

My  new holiday novel is slowing being plotted  – still need many more scenes.(#4)

I read the first chapter of “Save the Cat” and took part in the discussion for it in book study group “Word by Word” on facebook. (#8)

I am reading a novel for a critique partner and got a few more chapters critiqued. (#10)

I am creating every day and enjoying a new Project 366 – making tags from scrap papers. There are several other challenges I am participating as well. Check here to see my Art on Friday summary. (Art #1)

So I have deviated somewhat from my no gluten diet, but not been too estravagant. I have lost 3 pounds since I began and hope to be back on track tomorrow. I hope to add walking on the treadmill this week.

Step by step, progress is made. Be sure to check here to see how other ROWers have been working on their goals.



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