Janie’s Secret Valentine


Susanna Leonard Hill is hosting the first ever “Valenyiny Writing Contest. Be sure to check her website for rules and all the great, short stories there (218 words only!).

Here is my entry for the contest.


 Janie’s Secret Valentine

“Momma, I spilled paint at school today. I didn’t mean to. Miss Johnson said we’d clean it up. But Mr. Baxter grumbled at the mess.” Janie‘s lip trembled.

“Remember, he was the custodian when I was your age. He was always sweet to us”

“He must be really old. Is that why he’s so grumpy?”

Her mother laughed. “Getting older doesn’t make someone grumpy. Mr. Baxter lost his wife last year. He must miss her very much.”

“And Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Momma, he needs cheering up. I have to make a plan.” Janie took out her notebook and wrote . Soon she had a positively valentiny idea. She couldn’t wait to get started.

The week before Valentine’s Day was a busy one as Janie carried out her plan, involving the whole school in her secret.

On the big day, students, teachers and parents gathered in the gym. Mr. Baxter was called there for a clean-up. When he arrived, everyone shouted “Happy Valentine’s Day!”
Janie took his hand . “Mr. Baxter, we all love you.” A huge long poster was unrolled and everyone’s name could be seen on it.
Janie saw a tear slide down his face. “Don’t be sad!”

He squeezed her hand.“I’m not sad Janie. These are tears of happiness. Thank you, everyone.”


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