Slice of Life Tuesday



Today is Slice of Life Tuesday – the weekly writing challenge hosted at Two Writing Teachers.

My hubby has been waiting since late December to hear from a new heart specialist re the pacemaker he needs. We were assured it would be within a couple of weeks, ahis heart had stopped several times during the sleep study that was done.
Finally, yesterday, he got the call for an appointment with the new specialist – for today! Not much notice at all – work had to be told he needed time off. He had to take it as a holiday. (He has been with the company 39 years – he retires in December)
Off we went today to meet the new doctor. She was very brusque, outlining briskly what she would do – next week, on the 17th. She stressed he was not to drive again – as his heart could stop anytime. This has me stressed as I don’t drive much at all, especially in the past year. As well he cannot drive for 3 weeks after surgery.
I know he is stressed/worried. I am sure he will feel better once it is done, but it is just one more surgery he has to undergo and then more limitations after.
I encouraged him to take the next few days as holidays – he will have trouble sleeping anyway and without worrying about work, he can at least sleep in and hopefully relax. As well he is recovering from a horrible cough – all he needs is to pick up something else from work.
To say I am worried is mild. My husband has gone through so much in the years we’ve been together (16 years this year, married 13 ½ years)
Hopefully, he will gain back some of his old energy and he will adjust to having the pacemaker.

Has anyone else had experience with a pacemaker – from family or friends?

7 thoughts on “Slice of Life Tuesday

  1. I sympathize with you totally. I know how stressful it is when your husband is having health problems, especially when you’re called on to do things that you have not been used to doing. A friend’s partner had a pacemaker put in last year. He’s 89, and there was a complication, but he’s gotten through it fine, and now they are off to Mexico for 6 weeks. So even if your husband has complications, just keep going day by day, and I wish you both all the luck.

  2. I haven’t ever experienced things like this; however, I am thankful I read your slice today. Our lives matter so much, and your care and concern for your husband reminds me of how precious every day can be. I’m sorry you have so much to think on, but I hope all goes well.

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