March SOL -Day 1



And so it begins- 31 days of writing daily slices for this annual challenge. This will be my third year of participating and it has been a very interesting, enjoyable journey.


I have decided to use the Slice of Life acrostic form again this year. Last year I wrote one at the end of  March, as a summary of what I had achieved.(after being inspired by Barbara Suter last year – there were so many inspiring stories, ideas and inspirations last year!)

This time though, I thought I’d begin with the acrostic as a way to reflect on what I want to achieve and what it means to me.

S   Slice of Life March begins today!

L   Let’s share our stories and come together as a community of writers

I   I’m definitely looking forward to this daily challenge.

C   Challenges really do help us grow, making us accountable but with support

E   Everyone has stories to tell  –  we can all learn from each other.

O   One slice a day, 31 in all, by the end of March.

F    For one month, we will share our stories; then connect with others by reading  theirs

L    Life stories, that tell a little snippet of who we are, what we do or what we like

I   It’s a wonderful way to learn from others and get to know so many

F   For some it will be stories, remembrances or even poems or lists.

E   Every time we share a slice, we share ourselves with a community of committed story-tellers – connecting us, changing us, growing our writing.

Welcome everyone – looking forward to a rewarding, writerly month!

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