March SOL – Day 3



Day 3 of the March Slice of Life, that engaging daily writing challenge for March hoted at “Two Writing Teachers”

Overnight Tuesday, we got 16 cm (about 6”) of snow. I really wasn’t looking forward to snowblowing yesterday, but I knew I’d have to. My hubby is still recovering after his pacemaker surgery – so it was on me.

Just after lunch, I donned ski pants, hat, mitts and a warm coat and was confronted with – a long sidewalk in front that someone else had snowblowed. Not just the front, but the side as well. (we have a corner lot and that is a lot of sidewalk)



Two neighbours had taken it upon themselves to help us out. One did most of the front and the other most of the side. I only had a small section left to do, plus the driveway.


It sure cut down the time and effort!
I was still out for awhile as there were some drifts on the driveway, but my heart sure was warmed by the kindness of our neighbours. It was also so beautiful our – sun shining and a lovely blue sky.

12 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 3

  1. We have a neighbor who plows the road beside our driveway out to the street. Without his kind efforts I don’t think I would get my car out until everything melted. It is wonderful having such thoughtful neighbors.

  2. After receiving 26 inches in a blizzard our neighbor generously helped us dig out when our snowblower died at the beginning of our digging out. Thank goodness there are still good neighbors.

  3. Love this post! My dear husband has used the snowblower to help out many neighbors. It is always such a joy to help others. Thanks for sharing a story that is worth telling – not what we often have to listen to on the news channels. We need more stories like this one shared!

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