March SOL – Day 4



Today is day 4 of the March Slice of Life – that daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers

This format made the rounds last year and I have seen it a couple of times this year. When I couldn’t decide what to write today, this seemed a perfect way to check in with what I was experiencing right now.


Listening to the quietness of the house – just the hum of the fridge. I haven’t even put on the Tv, which is usually running all day as background noise.

Eating Just finished a breakfast of cereal with blueberries and almond milk.

Drinking A nice cup of tea.

Wearing Bluejeans, bright blue T-shirt and my Birkenstock sandals.

Reading Several books on the go – an historical fiction, a NF on writing, an MG for research and several PB for FeFoReMo. But can’t wait to dive into “Feverborn”, the latest book in the “Fever” series by Moning, that I picked up from the library yesterday – as series I was obsessed with last year!)

Feeling tired but too awake to sleep any longer. Stayed up til 1 am last night but couldn’t lay in bed any later than 7:30 this morning.

Wanting to feel energized and a renewed passion for writing.

Needing to book an appointment with my doctor – actually need to get a new doctor!

Thinking about all the things that need to be done, but aslo about several writing projects I  want to move forward on

Missing time with my daughter – haven’t gotten together for awhile

Enjoying the quiet – a time to think, plan, read.


18 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 4

  1. “Thinking about all the things that need to be done” Oh, I am stuck in this one, too. I don;t think I ever escape from it.
    Thanks for the reminder about this format.

  2. This format makes one live in the moment and take stock of life as you know it now. Sounds like you need to call your daughter and make a date. 🙂

  3. I’ve been wanting to do this post, too! Sometime soon for sure! I was so jealous of your day…the idea of having a slow morning, eating cereal with blueberries and almond milk and drinking tea…sounds amazing!

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