March SOL – Day 5



Today is Day 5 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”

I caught myself as I washed the last of the dishes and pots at midnight and then wiped the counters. My mother lives in me.
I’d changed my usual routine. Usually I load the dishwasher after dinner, tidy up, fill the sink and then forget about the kitchen until the next morning, when I finish up the few dishes from the night before. My mother though, could never go to bed unless all the dishes were done and the counter wiped.

mom 6 001


It struck me that there were other ways that I my mother lives in me. Here are just a few:
*She always had a book to read – as do I.
*She loved to read magazines – as do I.
*She loved to make the round of yard sales – as do I.
*She loved dessert with her nightly drink as do I (hers was coffee though – mine is tea)
*I look at my hands now and see my mother’s.

And, I miss her still. It has almost been eight years since she passed away.
But thinking of her tonight, brought a smile and such a swell of love.
Thanks Mom. Love you.


20 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 5

  1. My mom was a morning person and loved her alone time with her coffee and newspaper. I love mornings… they’re my favorite time of day. Fun to compare and appreciate the traits we share with our mom. Love the line about your mother’s hands.. so sweet.

  2. Sweet. These are interesting moments when we catch ourselves being like mom. It’s often a sudden discovery. You have beautiful similarities – clean kitchen books, hands.

  3. Tender is just the word to describe this post. I like how one moment’s reflection led to more and then to this post. I’m always intrigued by how our loved ones live on in us, often in subtle ways. My favorite line:”I look at my hands now and see my mother’s.”

  4. I’ve noticed lately how my mother is in me as well- and it is sometimes not the most obvious things. My mother is still with me and your post reminds me to cherish each day. I think I’ll call her today and plan a visit

  5. I miss my mother too. Because we moved to another state, our relationship became one by phone, and I can still imagine her voice when she picked up. What a beautiful post about you and your mother, Bev. We don’t always realize how we are the same until those quiet moments when it hits us, like your kitchen cleaning.

  6. Such a beautiful and tender writing. Realizing we are so much like our parents as we become the adults they hoped for us to be is a nice little surprise sometimes.

  7. Without realizing it, we share part of us with our mother and to me, my grandmom. My grandma raised me and there are still times where I missed her a lot. She passed away years ago and yet, there are moments where I have the feeling that she’s still alive. She would be up on her feet making my bed as soon as I got up. I never came home with my sheets still laying the way I got up from bed in the morning. That’s me now. I need to make sure to make my bed every single day before heading out the door. It does throw me off when I get home and my bed is not made at times that I have to rush out the door. Our family will always be living in us.

  8. This is how I feel about my mother and me…and even though a younger version of me would have had different thoughts, I now embrace and cherish these similarities.

  9. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mother. I am fortunate to still have my mother, though she’ll be 77 in two days and her health is failing. My parents just moved so that now they are more than an hour and a half away, but I try to see them at least once a week. I began a few years ago to realize ways that I am like my mother, adding to those with time. Some of the ways are things that I remember driving me crazy as a child or even a teenager or young mother, but now I not only understand but appreciate my mother’s behavior, and I’m proud to say I’m a lot like her.

    • Thanks Tori. So good to be able to visit your mom regularly. It’s funny too how those habits that bugged us when we were young – now are our habits. My mom always had a habit of piling papers on the dining room table – I do the same!

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