March SOL – Day 7



Today is Day 7 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge in March hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

Last night, as w I thought about my slice for the next day, I thought I’d wait til after my husband’s first pace maker clinic in the morning and how he faire.
Yes- I could have written about that – but I chose not to (all is progressing fairly well – but he’ll need a while longer for recovery)

After a terrible sleep, I thought I might write about that – in a poem. But no.

After a long day of clinic, shopping, home for lunch then another medical appointment and more shopping, I thought I’d write about how a day can get away from you. But no.

But the last night and today got taken over by a book:
-staying up til 1 am reading
-reading the 45 minutes to and from the hospital appointment

-reading while waiting at the hospital
-reading after lunch
-reading supper, even though “The Voice” (my

And then, after 374 pages, it was over – way too soon. What an amazing, captivating read.
I have read all of Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache’s books and they keep getting better.. “The Nature of the Beast” was the best yet.
Penny had me from the first page right to the end. I thought I knew the solution to the mystery – several times.
Now I have to wait until August for the next one. That’s partly why I’ve put off reading this one for so long .( I got it for Christmas). I knew that once I started, I wouldn’t want to put it down til I finished. And I definitely read as much as I could. Loved the book – but sad it’s over..


6 thoughts on “March SOL – Day 7

  1. Oh! I’ve been looking for a new mystery author to read and will head to the library tomorrow!! Thank you. And all the best to you and your husband!

    • Thanks so much. He is feeling much better now. Has ok to go back to work next week. A few more days to get his strength back.
      Louise has written 9 books in the series I think.

  2. Sounds very much like Downton Abbey fans, Bev. Loved it, but sad too. I think you should write the author a letter, suspect that would make her very happy! Do you read Elizabeth George?

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