March SOL – Day 11



Today is Day 11 of the March Slice of Life – the daily writing challenge in March, hosted at “Two Writing Teachers”.

For several years now, I have participated in a number of online challenges – some I’ve done for years (ABC Wednesday, for example).
Most are art challenges which I really look forward to. Some last a short time, while others last much longer; some I have created myself and others have huge followings. All though, have provided me with a chance to experiment and learn, meet a deadline and have fun.
Currently I have taken on the challenge of creating an art tag a day for 2016. The benefits of creating daily for a year have been well shown here. I don’t always create one daily, but I do create seven a week.
Two challenges I joined for 2016 are “Colour Me Positive” and a Facebook one “52 Card Pick-Up”
“Colour Me Positive” posts a new theme each Thursday, along with an extra prompt. The theme is usually a quote based on a word.
“52 Card Pick-Up” uses playing cards to create a card a week based on a theme word.

I thought I would share my process for crating my journal spread this week for “Colour Me Positive”
Thursday evening the new theme for the coming week is posted. This week it is “Trust Your Intuition” and the prompt is to use an animal on our page.
We can use the phrase or quote given as is but always we are encouraged to make it our own. As I thought about the theme, I knew I wanted more than those words, so I looked up quotes and found several I liked:

Intuition is seeing with the soul.” Dean Koontz

Faith requires following the power of a whisper.” Shannon L. Adler

One by C.J. Heck spoke to me and so I enlarged it and printed it out. (I often use printed out quotes, but I have written them, stamped them and used cut-out letters)
I gessoed a two page spread in my altered journal (an old music book) Thursday night as well.
This morning I decided on a blue background and spread three shades of blue on my pages with an old credit card.
After it dried, I added white flowers, butterflies (the “whisper” inspired me to use these animals). Then I added colour and some abstract designs to the flowers.
My last step was to add the words which I had cut out.
I also wanted “Trust Your Intuition” and decided to cut words/letters from a magazine. It took some time to find the letters though.

intuitive P3112018

Here is the finished journal spread:

intition pieceP3112019


Fridays are the day I blog about my artwork for the week. “ART on Friday” has become a regular feature on my art blog – it forces me to create so I actually have something to share.

What challenges are you working on?


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